On the weekend, you might find yourself caught up with stubborn or obstructive people as you try to get your duty done

Get out the wok and the Asian cookbook in the midweek to spice up your culinary offerings as a change from routine fare

You may have to organize or take authority. Add a touch of fantasy or the exotic to your horizontal explorations. With hitting reverse later this week, you'll need to slow the pace and put your activities or style under review. Keep things basic and economical, midweek. The end of the week comes with a bit of angst. Duty calls the tune on wensdays but you'll be raring to go when thursday comes. There'll be excitement among co-workers. It's duty, midweek. Every day will bring a new start with career concerns or your responsibilities. Don't go overboard just because you want something. On the weekends, sunday is the day for a culinary adventure or a break from the dull routine. Activities with friends or groups will gather momentum in the coming month. Don't fight with an older family member!

There's an unpredictable mood Meantime, communications roll on and there'll be plenty of people to see or places to go

Add a touch of romance with your loved one to the beginning of the week. Gird your loins and get out in to the big wide world to get communications happening and the arrangements made as you roll towards the back to work celebration. Give in to the power of fantasy. You might hear a secret about love or money. Guests, purchases or gatherings will ornament domestic life or set the pattern for change. The 'intensity' meter will rise a notch after wednesday. It's all happening with the fiscals right now. Get your chores done. Poor communications or lack of organisation will be at the root of any problems but don�t try too hard just yet to kick it all into line. Resolve disagreements. You may be unable to travel as you wish. It's about getting the job done so make sure you're not wasting energy or time.

Do the dance, talk the talk then get on with fiscal business

You may have some tough dealings or even conflict over finances. A health concern or a meeting in confidence or secret will feature. You may also seek advice from a friend, older and wiser. Take a step back with thursday's new sunrise. There may be a change or development with your loved one after friday. You're buzzing from Friday but there may be confused arrangements or missed appointments. Step out and enjoy yourself. Have fun on the weekends. You'll be excited about prospects in your love life or lifestyle. The weekend's busy and you'll be meeting and greeting on the run. Recline.

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