You'll be riding into the midst of social or romantic action as the week begins

Take your loved one by the arm and head out to a favourite restaurant or watering hole to take the cuisine option you love best

Partner your loved one for a stylish night out or take the time for a romantic dinner at home. There may be a romantic tryst. Let feelings take their course then sort out what needs to happen in the aftermath. Get away from it all, midweek. You'll avoid mistakes by giving proper attention to the details. If there's a secret, share it. The excitement metre may be running way too high. It's about the money. Favourite foods and a feather bed will be just the ticket to ease the stresses. Give it time. Slow down at the weekends though. On the weekends, you're back in business with appointments or communications.

These are testing times, but it'll be important to get into sync with the people around you first up

There's a shift of mood, midweeks. Be watchful of others and what they're doing. Don't be late for important meetings. Negotiate the right resolution with those you have to deal with. Change is all around your finances at the moment. It's busy until Sunday when you can relax and enjoy a serve of domestic bliss. That will leave the weekend free to get out there and have a little Bob Newhart style fun!. That way you'll enjoy the two party days! Some mountains are more fun to climb than others and you'll definitely be the wild mountain goat!

If there's a catfight, be the fish that swam away to enjoy a special day on Sunday

Friends may come or go suddenly, or turn up with a bright idea. It's a strange week, especially where relationships or money matters are concerned and you won't easily be able to see where you stand or how you're doing. Have a happy birthday! Next year will bring a great deal with new business schemes, contacts or education. You may mix business with pleasure or have an important occasion to attend. In the midweek, you'll be moody and inclined towards a lustful adventure in the boudoir with your loved one. Get down to the nitty-gritty and work closely with others. Even then, confusion may reign or people will be late or on a schedule of their own. It's work or duty on the weekend. Income will take a lift. Work or health concerns may be involved. Lunch with friends is a must for sunday.

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