There'll be issues or absences that hit friendship or social contacts as the weekend comes

You can swap secrets or gossip in the midweek then strip for action in the boudoir as the business of love intensifies

Domestic or family matters are in focus with the sun from monday. Crack the whip with the household or the family as the weeks begin. You may splash out on a few lifestyle luxuries or a special outing. Do the things your loved one loves to do. Do the listening and make quick responses first up. There may be issues with home or family to deal with.Let go of the controls and allow things to happen in the way they want to. The weekends are restless. Keep an eye on things though, as someone close will be touchy or there'll be an absence with a familiar figure. Chill at home on the weekend and enjoy great news, the arrival of opportunity or the company of exotic visitors. The weekend's perfect for a meal with friends or some familiar group activities.

The messenger is setting himself for a jim crack of a retrograde cycle on the weekend

You'll be dealing with authority or career concerns. You may have to organize or take authority. It doesn't matter how you're feeling, keep up the image and requisite authority so you can get the job done. Shed the encumbrance of other people's business if it's not doing you any good. Watch financial decisions. thursday's new sunrise will bring a little something to social or romantic life. If health is an issue, ask yourself about the dietary factor. Be prepared to talk things over, soothing or smoothing the choppy waters. Prepare to think on your feet on the weekend. There's nothing like testing the furniture to see if it's still got a bit of 'give' in it. Romantic life will be in the frame. Numbers will make it special! A project may leap ahead.

If there's a loose corner in the carpet you've been meaning to nail down, this is the time

No sooner is the budget done than you're off and running to keep up with the demands of the day. Be romantic and sensitive. You may be worried by a hostile authority or facing a hard professional decision. Get some outdoors time and exercise in the midweek. Try something luscious.Take a quiet midweek, focusing on rest or creative endeavours then get ready for rock 'n' roll on the weekends. Visitors from overseas may feature. Do something special for your loved one. Start afresh with your creative or inner life and shed people or situations that encumber you. Reflect.

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