Household or family concerns will bring a sudden shift in mood or situation stirring up the domestic pot

On the weekend, keep the pace but sit down to a serving from the cake of domestic bliss in the domicile with your loved one

A candlelight dinner or a show, perhaps! Or maybe just a bit of vigorous recreation! Start close with your loved one and get closer. Invite a few visitors. There's work to be done, details to be taken care of and the odd issue or concern over health. Backward equals unhappy player unless patience is the virtue. Enjoy good company.

The impulse to the boudoir should guide you

Add a touch of romance with your loved one to the beginning of the week. Taste, texture and a little TLC will be just the ticket. Plans for the future will count. Have a happy birthday! Next year will bring a great deal with new business schemes, contacts or education. Stay on your tippy toes and respond quickly. After that, the midweek brings a down time. From there, as the weeks turn around, take a bite of some tasty cuisine, a morsel of stylish entertainment or step out on an outing with your loved one. A gift or a special night (or both) will hit the mark. If there are worries or concerns over money, make sure you've got a grip, but don't try to fix everything straight away. Get steamy in the midweek. You'll dine exotically or engage with an excited individual. You may have to put an outstanding matter to rights. The weekend will bring career concerns or a bit of an arm-wrestle with someone in authority.

Enjoy lifestyle, recreation or creative effort with your loved one as the weeks unfold

Live the simple life to get things moving. Stick with the frugal, especially in the midweek when there will be a tendency to 'go for it'. Responsibility will fall to you and you'll have to get the job done. Focus on your dreams but don't push too hard just yet. Friday will bring the more complex fiscal picture into view. Romantic life will be in the frame. There may be a lift or an improvement. It'll be testy on the roads. Itís time for your favourite fantasies and wicked pleasures. An associate may have something to say.

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