Keep the focus on friends and groups

You'll find yourself back on old duties or dealing with past professional connections

Be careful and restrained in your dealings as the weeks begin, except those done in the boudoir (or wherever else takes your fancy). You may be just tired or there may have been a realization or an insight about you and your life. Get into co-operative mode as the weeks begin. Not everything (or everyone) will be as rosy as they seem, so donít tread on any toes. A feisty male presence may feature in the domicile. The midweek sees your spirits lift and fridays brings the sun into your sign. With warrior online from saturdays, you could be up a ladder with a hammer do some DIY. You may deal with a testy person over study, travel or legal concerns. Associates bring benefit. Older people or authorities will assist or work with you in your endeavours. A fiery female will feature. You may join in with new activities or interests. Don't forget to have a little fun though! In the meantime, lunch or a group activity with friends will be best for sunday. Breathe fresh air!

As the week turns round, people will be in close, wanting something from you or needing the support that comes from your effort on their behalf

The daily routines of work or health are earmarked for those who want this change. Itís activity unlimited so keep up. You may be out of touch or you may have equipment or transport problems. Award yourself personal care or a change of image. Groups or teachers will feature. Watch the budget though, for it'll be watching you as these weeks turns. You may also have a chance encounter or social obligations for business. There may be an active female to deal with. Your loved one will also be the source of interesting information or good advice so keep listening. The most enjoyable mid-week will be the simplest one, both with spending and with people. Renew your efforts with home life. Food and friends will be the perfect combination for the weekend, especially if there's intelligent converse to be had, or a bit of lively debate. A little, yes! But not too much!. You can always deal with a fastidious authority figure. Otherwise, don't fight with anyone higher in the food chain!.

You'll have to deal with someone else's excitement over money

Step out for an exotic meal and a bit of good company. Romantic options may feature. Keep up with a strenuous diet of responses and don't lose your way. That's where your attention needs to go, midweek. There'll be a mood of confusion hovering in the domicile these weeks, as you try to sort the vagaries of love or spending. Should you happen to be worried about money, save your energy for the weekends and just enjoy. A sensitive female will be in the frame. Secrets will not be discovered.

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