If you've been driving with the hand brake on for a while, it comes off this weekend

The action starts with finance and spending as the week begins

Set new ventures or projects in motion within a day or so. They may be finicky or difficult. It's an easier mood, midweek. Food may feature. Share the labour with your loved one. There'll be new lines of development, new skills or new ideas added to the mix. You'll be feisty and need to let off steam. With warrior online from saturdays, you could be up a ladder with a hammer do some DIY. There may be unexpected visitors or unusual people around you. Put it to good use. Choose something stylish or unusual for your entertainment. Money's the mission on the weekend. You'll need to let off stream without resorting to waving the plastic about. You may have strong dealings with the public or emotional people. There'll be ideas in the air and plenty to talk about. Social life may take a lift.

Stay on the tasks, even if you mix tough stuff with time in the company of good friends

Don't push too hard against the odds. Be whole-hearted. The creative response will be the best, as long as it's not ruled by too much impulse. It's all about your loved one and romance in the midweek, so join your efforts to make sure the day itself goes well. Get sorted then get on with things at your usual speed. Travel, study or the expanded horizon will be on offer, so seize the day. Midweek in your house of partnership will leave you breathless, as others perform, get excited or take evasive action. As the dust settles, Friday will turn the meter to concerns with work or health so get focussed and get the business done. Communications or travel will carry a little natural turbulence. Feisty obsessives may knock at the door or turn travel into a nightmare. Get set for drama or dramatic changes. Enjoy the ride but don't take on any testy males!

There'll be a purchase or a meeting with someone in the business of the dollar

Look to the future with your fiscal state. Do the little jobs. Responsibility will fall to you and you'll have to get the job done. Enjoy favourite foods. You'll be buzzing with ideas in the month to come. The world outside will still keep you busy, returning calls, dealing with communications or getting from A to B at speed. Buoy your spirits with a romantic ambush or a stylish outing. Don't fight over issues of authority. There'll be excitement as crazy people gather to do their favourite stuff. You may take on new duties or tasks. Watch for minor accidents or disagreements on the home front and make the most of social opportunity. Stay in control.

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