After that, the midweek brings and a touch of a wicked indulgence with your loved one

Meantime, return calls, keep appointments and chase up the information that you need as the week begins

You may have to deal with someone from overseas or of academic standing. Get in sync with your loved one at the start and do the things you both enjoy. Do the listening and make quick responses first up. Professional concerns or responsibility will feature. In other words, it's situation normal so get on with business. There'll be noise and excitement and you'll find yourself in the midst of an exciting drama with a revelation at the end. Play it close to your chest first up then let matters unfold, as they will after the midweek though you should watch health and energy. Put effort into earning, not spending. You may be unable to keep an arrangement. Stay sweet in the midweek and do the things your loved one loves to do. Write your book! Make your movie! But don't tread on anybody's toes.

Don't push for a confrontation if there's a way around it

You'll be busy and 'out there' as the week unfolds, tracking the brilliant and enticing lights. The business of money will be a theme in your dealings or a topic for discussion right throughout these weeks. There may a new image or a love interest. Travel may be on the agenda. There may be discussion with co-workers or with people in finance. Live the healthy life. Watch impatience. Romantic or social occasions may feature. Work will be the 'go' on the weekend. Exotic companions or food may be the order of the day. Someone higher in the food chain will give good fiscal advice.

Use that intensity to shape something different

Live the simple life with your loved one. Brighten up the environment. Make sure the exercise and diet components of your lifestyle are both in place as you start these weeks. There'll be a windfall or a change with money at midweek so there'll be plenty to talk about or plans to make. They'll be all around, though you won't catch up with everyone you want to see. Whichever it is, get into the mood with others and see what emerges. You may hatch a secret plan or just spend time waiting and wondering. You may forge plans or strategies that will develop over time. There may be a new scheme, dealings with the money folk or a secret fiscal strategy. Things could get a little testy so work at seeing the other side of any subject. Work or health concerns may cause you to step back from social or outer activity after friday. Take extra care of yourself. Favourite foods will get a run as well. You're ready to rock.

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