So just enjoy yourself but be sure to work around any talkative females

Wednesday's New Moon will see a fiery new force unleashed

Settle into what’s required in the midweek. You may take a risk or a gamble or engage in a speculative venture. Health issues may feature. Talk through what's wrong. Put your favourite foods on the menu, midweek. If you need to advance your career or get people organized, don't put all your cards on the table. You'll enjoy expressing yourself or getting involved in creative debate. Unwind in the midweek and treat yourself to good food, good company and your favourite entertainments. You'll be dynamic and perceptive with Fonzie in your orbit from thursdays.

In the midweek, the focus shifts onto lifestyle, romance and creative or recreational activity

Keep things ticking over and get the economics organized. Talk over family or domestic concerns. This is not the time for an office affair. Everything from the simple money to the mortgage! Watch for poor communications early on. You may indulge with shopping or TLC. Don't just get a plan. Enjoy the interchange and great conversation!. There will be dealings with authority or professional contacts. Enjoy delicious tastes at a favourite restaurant and treat yourselves to a little TLC or a personal purchase. A meal or a shared activity will be enjoyable. Don't indulge, just enjoy! For some, the demands of work will override the celebrations. By Sunday, there'll be time to relax with a favourite activity or a like-minded group of people. Poor communications or unexpected developments may affect 'one to one' dealings. Horizontal activities with your loved one are best. Thinking and planning with friends will add something to the weekend but you'll also need time with your loved one for a favourite activity, recreation or culinary delight.

It'll get steamy in the midweek and you can ride the tide of passion

You'll want to let rip with a bit of rock and roll as the days begin. Group activity or the collective effort will be a strongpoint. Get the domicile in order as far as cleaning, shopping and a bit of communication is concerned. Delay or confusion could muddy the waters so wait for things to clear. Make plans in secret then give them time to form. Meantime, life at home or with the family is in focus, bringing purchases, guests or social occasions. There may be some lifting or shifting as you refurbish or do a little redecoration. Every day brings a new line of communication or new contacts. There may be revelations, outbursts or surprises with family or females at the daily sunrise. Numbers will make it special! Write your book! Make your movie! But don't tread on anybody's toes. Get set for drama or dramatic changes. Legal dealings are favoured. A child may be angry or emotional. There may be struggles over who's in charge or delays or obstacles with travel or communications.

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