There'll be new deals in business or changed relations with siblings or neighbours

Don't get caught out by presuming that everything will go right

Get organized. Step in time to the music and do the things you both enjoy. Keep your cool and all will be well. However, be flexible or good-humoured as you try to get the calendar of activities to work. You may end in a heated discussion over finance. You may deal with someone in authority or with the public because of a change of responsibility or duty. Do the things your loved one loves to do as friday comes. If it seems important one minute, it might not seem that bad the next, so be a little patient. Avoid emotional parking inspectors and get ready for a busy, if somewhat disorganized, weekend. Enjoy a fantasy and private entertainment.

You may deepen a link or get involved with someone entirely new

You're in a mood for food and fun. Eat healthy. You'll have worries or confusion about where you're going in your professional life. Some ideas may not be able to go ahead as planned. Make a fresh start at home with thursday's new sunrise. Breathe a sigh of relief as Friday comes for the weekends will open up with good company and conversation. Enjoy a tasty meal or take in some entertainment. The weekend may bring work or health concerns. Set new patterns in place. You may need to make a resolution to serve your inner life. By this means, you'll see a way ahead. A break may be on the cards. The weekends calls you to aim high and achieve.

Live the simple life with your loved one as the week begins

Get your finances organized as the weeks begin. Something will fall into place or come clear about home and money. A good meal and snappy talk will be in order. Money is the key issue in the midweek and what's needed is strategy not spending muscle. Every day calls for changes with daily routines. Speaking of which, they'll be right there with you on the weekend, once again asking you to put the stamp of authority or your organising power on general proceedings. Fiscally organized is the theme for friday. Avoid mixing friends and money as the results will go off with a bang. It's the weekends for close cooperation or sweet romance.

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