Dive deep for the treasures that love or money offer and don't be afraid of a little risk or an in-depth venture

Make changes with household or family matters

You're due for expansion or a shift in the castle of domestic bliss. Take a slice from the cake of domestic bliss. A gift or a special night (or both) will hit the mark. Enjoy domestic bliss and chores with your loved one first up then splash out on a romantic dinner or an entertainment, midweek. Home life comes into focus. Cupid's move to love brings new ideas or activities. Romance and household concerns may clash. Watch for minor health concerns and take extra care. Follow the creative impulse. Don't overdo it socially.

After a long lay-off or a health concern, you'll be back on track with the daily doings, moving your activities forward in accordance with secret plans

You may struggle with communications as the days begin. You'll be plunged into the world of joint finance or obligations. Get extra rest or a little TLC. Enjoy delicious tastes and a favourite activity in the midweek but put it to work as Friday comes, changing direction and pushing the delete button on the lifestyle features no longer required. Outstanding communications are first on the list, so tick the boxes then cross them off. The focus is on home or family for the day itself. There'll be a few of those! As you roll into mid-week, it'll be busy with people coming and going, but there'll be a mood or a sensitivity in the air. You may be required to take an energetic role with money.

Opening a wealth of connections with friends or group activity

Gatherings with like-minded people may feature as the week begins. The car pool decides on monday but you'll have to ride a tide of feeling. Tasty food, TLC and a little horizontal pleasure will be just the ticket. Listen! Be sensitive and attentive. However, be flexible or good-humoured as you try to get the calendar of activities to work. On the weekends, it's time to take a good long look at finance, both the history and the future thereof. You might have to put aside a dream, or you might just need to scrap a bit of the inner dialogue that has been troubling you. Make sure you have a handle on the money side of things, as the mood of these weeks will set impulse against wisdom or constraint. If an association no longer serves you or your life, issue a dismissal letter and move on, regardless of the cost. There'll be excitement or unexpected events with co-workers or the public.

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