Your luck will be in if you take a risk or lay a bet

That will create an element of conflict, as Friday and Saturday will put you in a mood to indulge

Be sure you're sorted with the people you're close to first up then get down to business with the budget spending. Don't set fire to anything and double check any paint or chemicals you use. There may be uncertainty with work. From there, household or family are in the frame, midweek. If you meet that head-on, you'll earn the right to relax in the midweek, enjoying good humour and good food in lively company. Stick to familiar routines and get things done at work and at home. You may deal directly with someone that's excited or emotional. After that, it's head down and bum up in a bit of good old-fashioned application to the task. Don't go off like a Roman Candle. There'll be excitement as crazy people gather to do their favourite stuff. They're coming! Keep an eye on the traffic and watch for change or an end in relations with associates, siblings. Freshen up your senses and thinking with a bit of an outdoor adventure and some breathable air. Work behind the scenes.

It's here, there and everywhere at the start as you keep up with communications or the endless round of things to do

There may be testing dealings with legal or academic situations. You may reflect on plans for the future or important decisions. The midweek will test you as fun and work clash. Get the little jobs done. Dinner and a show might be just the ticket but just do what you most enjoy. Erotic or fiscal life may receive a boost as wednesday's sunrise comes. You and your loved one may sort a problem or get a new agreement into working order. Enjoy the simple pleasures. You'll deal with those in authority. Take your ease with friends on the weekend. However, you won't be short of drama as they unfold. Step away from the routine, midweek. It's about getting the job done so make sure you're not wasting energy or time. Exercise routines will feature. You can rise high.

Don't be too quick off the mark though as sparks may not lead to a fire

You might have to deal with the criticism of someone in authority or you might not be satisfied with the standards that you reach. Start up with exotic cuisine and wild table talk, as you breathe in the vibe of a change of scene. Start of these new weeks call you to it. Associates bring benefit. Discuss options with your loved one. Discussion or communication will feature or put you in the spotlight. Write your book! Make your movie! But don't tread on anybody's toes. You'll have to deal with close attention til friday. You won't miss it anyway, especially if you embrace the warmth of feeling with those who gather with you to celebrate these weekends!. You can get into the flow or catch up with outstanding matters.

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