Give attention to the family or the domestic round, getting the household in shape

If something ails you at the start, take the remedy and set things to rights

Tidy up the business stuff and make sure you're up to date with siblings or neighbours as the weeks begin. Be sensitive and caring but don't break out the fireworks or the tickets to the concert, as your mood won't be up to much just yet. Dinner and a show might be just the ticket but just do what you most enjoy. An exotic contact may give you a lift or a grasp of the bigger picture. You'll have to seek new parameters or new perimeters in daily life, as you replace old tasks or connections with the new. You might need to let off steam with some vigorous activity. Friends will assist. Discuss options with your loved one. You may have to deal with a sharp tongue. There may be a 'left field' solution to a problem. Watch safety at home.

Take care in the domicile, warding off all the tiny little demons with common sense

You may be knee deep in fiscal concerns as the days begin. It's an organized start so you can keep things simple and practical. There may be a talkative or energetic female to deal with. In the meantime, get organized for changes to daily routine. Go with the flow and work around each other's requirements. There are irons in the fire or monies at stake that will need attention or effort. You'll come to the end of a cycle or something will pass from your reach. The most important thing is to get the daily stuff right, detailed and put in its place. If you feel puzzled or surrounded by a bit of mystery or confusion, let things ride. All through these weeks, communications come in thick and fast. There may be breaks or changes with current contacts. A night out on the town or a touch of sweet romance will be just the thing.

There'll be changes coming in professional life or your dealings with authority

Discussion over money or personal spending will start any day. You might face tension or pressure with finance. Talk over the budgetary stuff with your loved one to get proceedings underway. A hot bath and extra time in the boudoir will let you relax and unwind. Cruise into the week rather than taking it by storm. Take the larger view before you take a stand. You may deal with a fastidious or critical authority. You may have surprise meetings connected with work or health. You may take on a new obligation, and new contacts or people will come with it. It'll be steamy night at the castle. Harmony's the key!. Time for some tasty decadence there!. Work or health will benefit from good fortune or opportunity.

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