That'll leave you free for close contact on the weekend

What you put aside on your own behalf, you'll gain through others in times to come

Be restrained with spending but let off steam with some physical vigour. Give serious thought to what you can do differently and to what and whom you can get rid of. Wednesdays also brings hump so it's 'many happy returns'! Get your life straight through good partnerships and close relations. The love meter is high in the midweek and you'll be out with your loved one at a choice restaurant or looking for just the right garment in just the right boutique. Take time for wicked indulgence with your loved one. Don't be quick off at the mouth as well or you might burn a few ears. Unusual people will not dominate. Dig in for an extended session in your private world on the weekends saying wicked things to your loved one and following up on them with fervour. Avoid arguments over money, politics or religion. They could easily get out of hand.

What do you want to do? Romance will be a feature of the week's activities, as will recreation or lifestyle

Responsibilities will call you at the start. Get into the mood to listen and help. Check the diary, charge up the phone, service the car and keep the business of equipment and communications ticking over. Transform the domicile into a shining castle of splendour, with all beds made. A close associate may have the solution or the cool to assist. Step back, wait and watch. Sweet relations with your loved one are called for. You may be unable to keep an arrangement. Put smaller concerns aside. Be traffic wise!

Go over it until they do

Work or health will be high on the list first up and you'll be able to sort what needs sorting with a surprise solution or some unexpected help. It doesn't matter how you're feeling, keep up the image and requisite authority so you can get the job done. You'll be career minded or get the chance to upgrade your responsibilities in the year ahead. You can take a new course of action. Make the necessary adjustments and set out in pursuit of a new arrangement. Social life will drop away. The influences say 'hot' so let it be so. Overseas links may be involved. Daily life will be testing. This year, big things loom in your house of communications. It may leave you tired or under par. Get organized and do the simple jobs. A familiar face may disappear.

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