Dinner with friends and stimulating talk will be the perfect start to the week

It's 'home sweet home' with all the trimmings, taking in the tastes and textures but attending to the chores as well

Start these weeks with a break from the dull routine and enjoy the spice of life. Are you doing something that really moves you or are you running around in ever-decreasing circles? The answer comes as wednesday's hump, midweek. There'll be a windfall or a change with money at midweek so there'll be plenty to talk about or plans to make. There'll be a new venture, one that represents a step up. Watch that you keep their demands on course though. By the weekends, family or home will feature and you'll be thinking food (spicy and plenty of it) or a rest. There will be pressure or tension around money as you see out the old year. You may forge plans or strategies that will develop over time. Don't worry about that! Just get on with celebrating the changing of the guard with those you love and those that love you. Someone higher in the food chain will give good fiscal advice. Thinking and planning with friends will add something to the weekends but you'll also need time with your loved one for a favourite activity, recreation or culinary delight.

Love or money will start making you restless and someone is likely to get in your ear about what you ought to be doing

Chill out at home with your loved one and enjoy the tastes and textures of domestic bliss. Treat your loved one to a tasty meal and some TLC, as proceedings get underway. You'll be plunged into the world of joint finance or obligations. Don't knock on too many of them as the weeks begin. You can go forward with money or financial dealings on thursdays. The best gift you can offer is your presence in one another's lives. There are irons in the fire or monies at stake that will need attention or effort. You may clash with someone in authority over who's in charge. Creative or spiritual efforts are favoured. There may be a lift or an improvement. Travel or communication will feature. Enjoy a bit of spice and exotic taste to get those juices flowing. Put thought into the process and make necessary exchanges of information. Some mountains are more fun to climb than others and you'll definitely be the wild mountain goat!

However, you'll have to work around a touchy individual, a male especially

It's about passion and the boudoir as the weeks begin. A project or group activity may be stressful. Work around excitable people. You may need to deal with a problem situation or individual. As midweek comes, you're in the mood for spicy food and talk. A easier day comes on sunday, seeing you alter domestic or family patterns. It won't sort out straight away but you can nonetheless relax on the weekends, as you unwind in a sweet romantic tryst with your loved one. Take time for yourselves on the weekend although you may have to work around a controlling female.

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