The unexpected will leap out of the woodwork to take you by surprise

There's plenty of talk going on, but the action quotient may not seem to have the momentum you'd like

You may struggle with communications as the days begin. There'll be simple stuff to organize and do. Cruise into the week rather than taking it by storm. If you enjoy a fantasy with uniforms, feel free! Financial discussions could come in along the line. Take time to reflect and discuss what's going on in the weeks ahead. Keep it all in balance. Something you long for may be out of reach. Get hot with your loved one on the weekends. Enjoy a tasty meal or take in some entertainment. Get ready for a celebration or a change of pace. Push ahead. Step up to the plate and do what is required.

It gets suitably domestic and the management of your Home Sweet Home will be first on the list of things to do

Do the things your loved one loves to do as the weeks begin. Chill in the midweek. Keep the streams in balance. Look to the bigger picture to get the wild raft of circumstance in place. You may have friction with your loved one. There may be pressure from a stubborn authority figure. Focusing on career or professional concerns is an eye opener. Don't fight with anyone higher in the food chain on weekends. Your loved one will be incandescent and ready to go up in a blaze of something or other. You may clash with someone in authority over who's in charge. Home safety may be an issue if you're working there. Don't indulge. Are you up for it? Of course! Have an adventure on sunday!.

People or situations around you will have changed a lot and will continue to do so as thess weeks unfold

You'll be hot for your loved one. Listen! Be sensitive and attentive. A project or group activity may be stressful. Your loved one may be embroiled in conflict with authority or worried over professional concerns. If you're making lifestyle purchases, set a limit and don't overdo the spending. Friday's busy! You're on the move and required at several different places at once. You may receive an offer from someone close or someone that would like to become close. Favourite foods will be on the menu. It's a restless weekend but keep the spending in check. Be fastidious. Thinking and planning with friends will add something to the weekend but you'll also need time with your loved one for a favourite activity, recreation or culinary delight.

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