The mood is mixed these weeks as social life and romantic activity urges you to enjoy a slice from the cake of domestic bliss

The mood rolls back to the mundane and the practical after the midweek but you may find yourself fussing or uncertain of what to do and when to do it

There'll be outstanding business with groups or a fastidious friend to deal with. However, a strong-willed or stubborn female may disrupt this favourite pastime or create tension. Expect developments or new connections that will influence or alter the substance of your daily routines. That way, you'll have a handle on the mystifying and sometimes confusing vagaries of dealing with people these weeks. Work patiently at a resolution or hot words will roll off the tongue. Exotic or academic connections will feature after the midweek. There are gains to be made if you're prepared to spend. There's a marvellous new concept called a 'budget'. Enjoy talk, TLC and a favourite meal! Be organized and economic in the midweek. Assistance or support will come. Settle in for a meeting on Sunday, with you as chairman of the board. You’re on the move with plenty to say and do. On the weekends, sunday is the day for a culinary adventure or a break from the dull routine. Don't get involved in someone else's conflict.

There'll be some things to be done at speed on the weekend and will set your sights on new horizons in your daily life

You and your loved one can gather for a meal to welcome the passage of today. Females or the public may feature in negotiations. Add interesting conversation to the recipe and you'll be off to a good start. Travel, communications or personal interaction will need a cautious approach. Enjoy favourite tastes and enjoy extra time in the boudoir. Get busy as friday comes as you'll have appointments, meetings or a raft of communications to handle. The public may feature. There may be a celebration or a surge of romantic feeling with your loved one at friday's sunset. Communications or travel will feature. Money and the budget will figure on the weekend. Rest if you're unwell. Talk things over! The weekend will find you in the midst of the burdens of organization, dull or tense people or the demands of duty. Put bills and basic expenses before luxury items.

Are you having difficulty working out what you want?

You may struggle with communications as the days begin. You might face tension or pressure with finance. It's steamy as the week unfolds so enjoy some passion with your loved one as you discuss the vagaries of life and finance in general. Live the simple life, midweek. Stick to what's required. Look at plans for the future. Watch that sharp tongue of yours. Buoy your spirits with a romantic ambush or a stylish outing. If there's a shortage, pull the belt in and wait for it to clear. That will get you set for a weekend of action with your loved one. Responsibility looms large.

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