However, the outside world will be knocking at the door, demanding entry or inviting you to step into the streets and participate in full

You may find contact with friends or group involvements a little testing or difficult as the week comes to an end

The demands will have you on the run first up. Put things in order of importance and do them. Daily planning is in your air but starting to slow. Use the start of the week to clear your head and see just where you stand. Creative or spiritual interests are favoured. If you've got arrangements for romance or a regular recreation, the road could be rocky or the timing could prove to be uncertain. Or someone! The weekend will bring you back to earth as work or health matters require full attention. So it's time to give attention to your loved one. Enjoy a little wicked fantasy if that's your bent. You may return to an old arena for mixing with people. Concentrate on a healthy life as Friday turns to Saturday, doing the little jobs and enjoying some vigorous exercise with your loved one. Expect communications. What you do do will be of interest or productive though. Hang out and enjoy time with good companions or like-minded people.

Shaking up travel, communications and dealings with associates, siblings or neighbours

You may be working on a budget that requires some rationalization of lifestyle spending. Personal spending may be affected. You'll be starting off in party mode, checking out the latest in entertainment or dining with friends. Don't dwell on old sorrows. Weekends brings the Joy, so put the budget under review with your loved one and get down to the tin tacks of what can and can't be done. There'll be a dozen small jobs to be done. Get hot with your loved one on the weekends. Guests, family matters or purchases will feature. From there, it's time to share and do the things you both enjoy. Legal concerns may be testing. On the weekends, it'll be lifestyle or romance for you, but are you having trouble getting the co-operation that you need? If the answer is 'yes', revise your strategies by going over past matters and listening to any grievances. Keep the spending to a minimum on Sunday. Chill on the weekend. Put bills and basic expenses before luxury items.

Start the week with attention for the household or the family then check out your favourite entertainment haunts

You'll be into new projects or activities by tuesday. You may reflect on plans for the future or important decisions. Watch arrangements for travel and communication early on. Be sure to keep attention on important things, like traffic lights and fellow commuters. A breath of fresh air is guaranteed to clear the head. On the weekends, work or health is the regime, so you'll need to be attentive and vigorous, especially with the little tasks and fine details. You may need to review personal spending. A talkative or energetic female may feature. Duty calls on sunday and will require your presence. The mood's for food on sunday.

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