Slow down on Sunday and take a time for personal health care

Something will have to give

Get your finances organized as the weeks begin. Do all the stuff on your list. Watch lifestyle spending and don't try to buy your way out of trouble. Start to plan in secret as to how you'll bring them into being. Assistance or support will come. There may be a bit of excitement over plans, communications or overseas links. An adventure or a trip away will be just the ticket on the weekend, even if it's just to the seaside or to take in some mountain air. You'll be set for some socializing. Good news or solid discussions will follow. Freshen up your thinking with a dose of the great outdoors.

Finance will be in the frame as the week begins

Professional dealings or ventures will spring into life. An early night! A late morning! Just enjoy a touch of wicked indulgence. If the game of life and money is threatening to go off the rails or sideswipe an oncoming vehicle, give the drama time to play itself out, as it won't be exactly what you think. There may be upset. A romantic assignation, vivid communication or some good old-fashioned fun together will all contribute on the list of things to do. The key to results at the moment is co-operation, so apply it at work or in life with your loved one. Enjoy the simple pleasures of your life together. Enjoy the alchemy of passion mixed with a favourite fantasy. Take care travelling, as excitable individuals will be weaving in the traffic. Don't go overboard just because you want something. Navigate carefully around interference or drama. On the weekends, enjoy something special in the culinary department, but watch for testy males in the immediate vicinity.

In fact, there'll be a new influence working right with you or directing the traffic

Take time to sort things out. You can negotiate any situation. Professional concerns or responsibility will feature. You may be unable to resolve a dilemma or make a decision. You may look at a far horizon and wonder how to get there. Midweek will bring you back into yourself.It's not a time for risks or to push the boat out. You will have to deal with someone that's exuberant or hard to manage. There's nothing like testing the furniture to see if it's still got a bit of 'give' in it. Meantime, wednesdays brings the brightest day of the week. Raise the drawbridge and unwind. Give yourself a little of what you fancy. You may lose a contact or alter your plans.

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