Don't lose track of who anybody is, but just float with the mood and see what happens

You'll strike a spark or miss the point entirely without really knowing what's occurring

You might not feel much like mixing it, socially or business wise, as the weeks begin. Friends, group activities or gatherings will feature. You may look to a new professional future as you plan or dream. Work in with others. Don't let restlessness or frustration bring on an attack of plastic waving. Fire up the stove, put on the apron and get practical to enjoy the feast, but be prepared for that unexpected knocking at the door. You may deal with an excitable person in your daily round, a co-worker perhaps or a member of the public. Take a break from the routine. Freshen up your senses and thinking with a bit of an outdoor adventure and some breathable air. A tired or feisty male may feature somehow.

Set a pattern to bring you closer in the weeks to come

Your loved one will feature as the weeks begin. Guests or purchases will feature. Do the small jobs and take care of the details. New co-workers, new tasks or new routines will feature. There'll be a blast in the midweek as Midweek ups the ante with your love life or your social calendar. Get a basic budget organized and stick to it. Assistance or support will come. There may be a new start with partnership or romance. Past concerns may return, affecting close relations. New authority or duties may come. If you leave your phone on though, it'll be at your peril, as everyone will want a word. Your luck will be in through opportunity or good connections. Do something impulsive or adventurous.

As the week turns around, home or family matters come into the frame, demanding extra attention

There'll be plans and discussions over lifestyle, creative projects or speculative ventures. Professional concerns or dealings with those in authority will feature. Have a culinary adventure on fridays. The quick response is needed. Look at your options and get ready for a surprise expense. If mediation is required, seek it, but keep it simple. Mornings calls for revision as well. Most of it will go wrong or be misleading, but that won't matter if you stay light on your feet and adjust quickly. A chance encounter will bring opportunity. Resolve disagreements. Set new financial goals and work your way towards them. You may clash with someone in authority over who's in charge. Be restrained instead.

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