Urging you to get communications right, examine your methods of self-expression and take the safer option with extreme or vigorous exercise

Take it easy in the traffic though, as the 'feisty' meter is high and not everything that everybody drives will work the way it should

With the cheering section on monday, get moving on the basics of finance. It's in your sign that ufos do come. Enjoy a favourite cuisine and spoil yourself a little, as the weeks begin. Try a spicy meal or the latest 'art house' cinema attraction. Creative pursuits are favoured. Enjoy vigorous activities with your loved one. Your loved one may set the pace or lead the way. Break the mood from there and head out for some fun as Friday comes. You'll meet people of status in the year ahead and there'll be opportunities to advance or expand the circle of your activities. Crash on Sunday!.

If there's a catfight, be the fish that swam away to enjoy a special day on Sunday

Sweep your loved one away with a romantic adventure as the weeks begin. You or your loved one may need a little extra care or attention. You deserve it. There are changes for you and your loved one. After that, you'll be busy putting things in place or getting the loose ends tidied away. Home or family life will be chaotic as the weeks rolls on but stick to the basics and you'll get all tasks done. Sundays urges you to put aside the lesser to attain the greater. Better times are coming, especially through developments with your loved one. Strap on the gloves and get into the professional dealings that'll allow you to move ahead on the weekends. Favourite foods will be on the menu. Try a Thai meal and a French film for a genuinely multicultural experience. Kick back and be privately wicked as friday comes. By the weekends, the mood will ease as you line up for good times, good food and good friends. Looking after 'you' is the best way. Review and reflect.

Look to the bigger picture then take on the challenges that will alter your status, position or direction

Start these weeks with a romantic outing with your loved one. Have a cleaning attack. Wednesdays promises a new start with finance or in the erotic stakes. Set out on a culinary adventure with your loved one as the weeks begin, even if it's just a Chinese takeaway and some lively or exotic music to dance to. You'll perk up in the midweek. The midweeks brings professional dealings or encounters with authority where 'doing it by the book' will be what counts. Midweek will bring a burst of activity with friends. There'll be stubborn or pushy people to deal with, at work or in the general public. There may be some lifting or shifting as you refurbish or do a little redecoration. You may even be involved in a scheme or a venture together. Foreign contacts or exotic cuisine may feature. Opportunity will come through a new association or the actions of someone close. You'll need time to yourself or you may need to duck out of the way of unwanted attention.

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