Don't make a struggle where there's no need to have one

Take the weight and you'll carry it the distance

Whether it's a candlelight dinner or a Thai takeout and an exotic dvd, just enjoy a few of life's pleasures. Changes with communications will bring a stronger sense of where you want to go career wise. There may be sudden changes with the budget or finances. Thursday's new sunrise will open doors to travel, study or a new range of contacts. The love meter is high in the midweek and you'll be out with your loved one at a choice restaurant or looking for just the right garment in just the right boutique. A romantic link will feature for some. Meantime, take the fresh air and outdoors options as the week begins. There'll be stubborn or pushy people to deal with, at work or in the general public. Is something missing from your life? Do you need more fulfilment creatively? Do you and your loved one need more wicked fantasies to explore the inner realms. Arrangements or communications will get confused or cause problems. Domestic or family matters are highlighted. It's almost your birthday after all!

Something will have to give

Do the things your loved one loves to do as the weeks begin. Watch that health concerns don't interfere. Step in time to the music and do the things you both enjoy. Watch the temper of people you have to deal with. Cooperation is the key to completing outstanding tasks. Work behind the scenes. The weeks to come will be busy as you move among associates, siblings, neighbours or the general public. Work or health routines will feature. It'll be duty or a family occasion on the weekend. On the weekends, there could be a serious attack of the horizontals.

Get in amongst the wheeling and dealing so you can grasp the agendas of others and formulate a strategy for change

Start the day with a tasty home-cooked meal and a sweet desert, served horizontally. Stay in touch, take action and you can keep the dollars rolling. However, be flexible or good-humoured as you try to get the calendar of activities to work. You'll need to act speedily to get everything ship-shape, especially as others will be making too much of a fuss. Or someone! The weekend will bring you back to earth as work or health matters require full attention. Finance will be in focus and restraint is in order. Even then, confusion may reign or people will be late or on a schedule of their own. Exotic cuisine will get the taste buds working overtime. Step out and enjoy your companions or a group activity. There may be misunderstandings or breaks with close relations. Cut your coat according to the cloth in financial matters. Head out for a choice caf� or restaurant. Home or family concerns will be much on your mind these weeks and problems may not seem to have clear solutions. On the weekend get a break from the dull routine and take time in the open air or by the sea.

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