Celebrate the weekend with a simple budget but a touch of style

There'll be an important meeting or connection with a practitioner or a professional

You'll start at the run. There may be a hitch or a glitch with work or health. Tuesdays call for a very physical romance. After the midweek, people near to you will be excited or go through sudden changes. Someone close may need your help or care. Good company will come, midweek. The end of the week comes with a bit of angst. The pace picks up on the weekends and you'll have plenty on your plate with appointments, communications and encounters with siblings, neighbours or associates. Friday's sunset calls you to something foreign and tasty with cuisine. The weekends are busy and there'll be appointments to keep and people to talk to. Fridays see reviews move into reverse. It's duty on Sunday. Step out and enjoy yourself. Communications will be testy or confusing from there. An associate may have something to say. If you're painting the town red or showing someone a good time, keep a weather eye on the budget.

Exotic cuisine or people will feature in the weeks to come

There may be an uneasy balance between past obligations with friends or groups and a present need to determine your own lifestyle. Live the simple life as the weeks begin, doing the little jobs and getting into efficient and vigorous routines with your loved one. Get into sync with your loved one as the weeks begin and dance to the music, doing the things you both enjoy. Unwind with your loved one in 'Castle Me'. In the midweek, take time for a little domestic bliss. In the midweek, the budget is the thing to keep in focus. Avoid extreme activity. Watch that you keep their demands on course though. Enjoy a bit of home life in the midweek then have a dinner or hold a party on the weekends. A fiery female will feature. There'll be stuff you need to catch up with or issues you'll have to put right as far as health is concerned. Study, travel, legal matters or overseas contacts will feature. Step away from the routine, midweek. Perhaps a little beauty treatment or some shopping! Just do it for the pleasure of it.

Speaking of air, the weekend is the perfect time to renew your lungs as you dash about in the outdoors

Focus on yourself and your loved one, enjoying what you have and share from the presents to the dinner table and on into the boudoir. Dinner and a show might be just the ticket but just do what you most enjoy. You'll be stirred up, excited or excitable. There may be trouble, delay or disruption after reviews turns retrograde on fridays. You may need information to lift your performance. There'll be a romantic prospect for some. Friends will feature in an outing on Friday nights but you may want to take the weekend quietly. Perception is the magic wand that makes things change. Hidden forces will aid or support you. Negotiate the celebrations like a master Machiavelli then unwind with friends for post friday revels on the weekend. That'll give you the chance to chill at home, get the domestics done or take care of a family matter. The weekend's busy and you'll be meeting and greeting on the run.

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