There'll be new deals in business or changed relations with siblings or neighbours

Navigate the waves of opposition and let new ideas speak for themselves

Keep it simple and get it done. You might like to try some exercise with your loved one to keep your fitness up. From tuesday it will help you blaze a new trail. Cash is OK but don't stretch the credit just to get something you think you want. Some ideas may not be able to go ahead as planned. Chill with a favourite book or dvd. Your loved one is in focus with an interesting weekend. Home or family will feature on the weekend. Good news! Send you forward with a guiding light about money but only if you employ natural cunning and restraint. As far as personal relationships are concerned, don't give way to impulse if you're nursing a grievance. A sacrifice will bring you closer to your goals, long term.

Some of you will have very private business to conduct

Monday will be more about others than it will be about you. You can go forward with new ideas or contacts. You're restless! Take care with money. You may deal with a fastidious or critical authority. Take extra care in traffic. Communications will require attention. Take time for wicked indulgence with your loved one. Have a quiet weekend. The mood is low and the theme is privacy or the inner world as Friday comes, but you'll be ready for some jolly bullish tucker on Sunday. Be romantic and attentive as Friday comes. Domestic or family interests are favoured. As far as personal relationships are concerned, don't give way to impulse if you're nursing a grievance. Give support.

You might not be sure what others want, as the talk goes round and round in your head

You may need to consider the finances required to carry out your plans. Be prepared to field anything from frustration to fascination. It's a slow start but expect a quick explosion of interest or activity, especially between you and your loved one. You'll get the thinking and the talking on track and there may be a change in image or presentation, as well as a shift with close connections. There'll be plenty to talk about and more options than you realise. Make some rules, stick to them and don't transgress just because an impulse takes you. Opt for a cultural or artistic activity that takes you out of your comfort zone. Meantime, life at home or with the family is in focus, bringing purchases, guests or social occasions. A vigorous round of exercise will brighten things up for you and your loved one. Get things done. It's time to open up the road ahead and dream. A venture or a project may suffer delay or diversion.

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