That'll leave you free for close contact on the weekend

What luxurious purchase can you indulge in?

You won't feel like starting full on. It's work or daily routines from there. Traffic may be in the frame. Play it close to your chest first up then let matters unfold, as they will after the midweek though you should watch health and energy. Close discussion will come in the weeks ahead. Social occasions are favoured on the weekends. Do the duty stuff in the midweek, fending off the testing authority figures that seem to be forever ganging up on you.

There's a lot of pressure around friends, money, love and lifestyle at the moment

Group activity may feature as the days begin. Put the most into what's required. Get organized with health and diet. It may even be you, without you realizing it. You might find you already have that special gift for your loved one. You can move up a gear after the midweek. Act out a favourite fantasy. The Sun hits hardest on thursday. Take care though. Traffic may be in the frame. Judgement may be askew. Stay sweet in the midweek and do the things your loved one loves to do. Overseas links or legal matters may bring troubled discussion or unexpected news. You may reach agreement on important matters.

You'll form a new links or find yourself working with the public somehow

It's a busy start and communication will feature. You'll have to take a stand, assert your authority or deal with someone else that's keen to have their say. You could be dealing with communication problems or delays in business or travel. There may be matters to reflect on. Group activity or outings will be on the agenda. Meantime, wednesdays brings the brightest day of the week. If there's a whiff of sweet romance on the weekends, savour it, especially on Sunday. Be traffic wise! Group activity or team projects are favoured as the weekend comes.

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