It'll be helter-skelter until the midweek when you can settle back into the domicile

Keep a weather eye on the spending and make sure you catch up with the little jobs and the healthy side of things on the weekend

Get your finances organized as the weeks begin. There may be ructions with home or family life. Check the diary, charge up the phone, service the car and keep the business of equipment and communications ticking over. You may negotiate with a fiery or feisty figure. Get your home life organized, midweek. Concentrate on simple spending and earning as thursday comes. Slow down and enjoy some private time. Romantic feelings may flare with friday's sunset. Friends or groups will feature as friday comes, bringing unexpected encounters or surprises. It's all about you, your life and your feelings on the weekend. Make it a culinary weekend. Career or family matters will feature on the weekend. If you find yourself weary with statrting the weekend, slow the pace, make your resolutions and coast into a topsy-turvy but entertaining saturday.

Keep the bill in the margins of economic safety though

You'll be dealing with authority or career concerns. Most of what's going wrong is taking place behind the scenes and there'll be whispers, a few secrets or even a lie doing the rounds. Take time for chosen interests or group activities, midweek. On the weekends, it's time for a bit of elegant decadence, blinds drawn and favourite fantasies on offer. You may be in a process of review or just a little confusion. Someone close will help you get the job done. Is it time for a new coiffure?. Perhaps a little beauty treatment or some shopping! Just do it for the pleasure of it.

One way or another, a change of image or style will be in tune

Don't push too hard against the odds. Get into co-operative mode as the weeks begin. Stay in tune with your loved one as the days unfold and don't forget to give the kind attention or consideration that will ease any recent troubles. Do the chores and keep up with communications. After that, you'll bounce right in to the business of life and festive celebration. Travel or work routines may be testy or tested. There may be a blow up with a co-worker or excitement in dealing with the public. Watch out for an emotional female. Award yourself an adventure on the weekend. Don't use spending as an escape. Enjoy a little rock and roll!. Enjoy good company.

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