An unusual individual or situation will feature

Have a romantic adventure, polish up your image or your presentation and give the world something to think about with bright ideas and a straightforward manner

There may be new activity or an new contact for you. The weeks ahead will be busy. Career or professional concerns will be in the frame at the start but the fireworks display will capture your imagination in the midweek, as exciting situations or excited friends bring a bit of cheer and verve to the scene. You'll come up slowly but strongly until you’re back on top. Stay calm and be helpful. There may be tension or an issue to negotiate with home or domestic life. Get wicked with your loved one. Take time for extra rest. It's the end of the line! It'll be formal or professional on the weekends so be ready for duty. There may be change or an irritating presence with career, dealing with authority or carrying out responsibilities. Keep the spending to a minimum on Sunday. Slide in to cooperative mode when cooperation is needed for there'll be someone special or unusual is nearby. If you keep it simple and target what you really want to pay for, you'll be a Happy Player. That will leave the weekend free to get out there and have a little Bob Newhart style fun!. The family or the domicile may need a little love and care.

You'll have to step up and set a career direction or make an authoritative decision as Friday comes

There'll be testing times with household or family decisions at the start and you may be waiting on a decision or worrying about one. Efficient routines for work or health will get you off to the right start. You may have private matters to attend to. Cooperation is the keynote. There'll be a change of mood or a new start at home or in family life. You may be excited about something in your life. On the weekends, it's time to party on, enjoy a brunch or celebrate an occasion. Friends will feature with friday. You may decide on a new course of action and want to get moving straight away. It's a steamy weekend so enjoy!

There'll be an important meeting or connection with a practitioner or a professional

Make it a large slice from the cake of domestic bliss to start the week. Though the circumstances these weeks will test you, especially where business and the art of communication are concerned, you can still sweep your loved one away on an exotic adventure or a cultural soiree, even if it's just a Thai meal and a French movie at an 'out of the way' art cinema. Take a look at how things are then take some time to work out what you need to do next. There's a lot going on around you that you'll miss if you're too fired up. Have a happy birthday! Next year will bring a great deal with new business schemes, contacts or education. Take a touch of something exotic. You may end in a heated discussion over finance. You'll look forward to rewards for recent effort as the rings on saturn turns dictates. As the dust settles, Friday will turn the meter to concerns with work or health so get focussed and get the business done. There may be confusion, interruption or change in daily routine. New schemes or activities will call as well. Take care with lifestyle activities or recreation. 'With whom' and 'why' are the questions. There may be an unexpected display of emotion or erratic behaviour.

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