Go a little wild

You'll be all the better upstairs in the thinking department for the sake of a bit of ozone and something new on the immediate horizon

Get on with the simple and practical stuff at the start. Have some fun together! And a bit of old-fashioned romance! Get the little things done, midweek. Tidy up the business of communication or it'll get away from you in no uncertain terms. Step back a little. However, friends will be there in support and there may even be an important meeting or event to attend. Midweek, do the job as writ and maintain the flow of communication or movement with responsibilities. Enjoy a bit of relaxation, recreation or romance on friday nights. Practice economic restraint, especially where the plastic's concerned. Fridays will knock you round or tire you out. Enjoy your celebrations on the weekends, with a touch of exotic cuisine and humorous or talkative companions. There may be changes or additional demands with money after friday. Avoid discussing religion or politics. A change or revelation at home will bring high excitement.

Charge the phone, gas the car and don't leave your list or diary at home on the bench

Work or daily routines will be testy or testing as the week begins. There'll be recognizable stirrings but you know how to deal with them. wednesday's sunrise will see news, exciting communications or excitable people that you encounter in travel or daily business. Keep up. Sort things as you come into the week. You're only allowed to if the house is nice and tidy first. Look at your options and get ready for a surprise expense. Simple economics will get you through to saturday. Communications will favour you and there's a lot to be gained from the changes that have taken place with people close. Career or responsibility could cause you to back up a little after fridays when reviews turn retrograde. Stick to the basics on the weekend. For the moment, spice up a favourite dish and enjoy a few culinary treats on the weekend. Wait for things to clear. Watch out though.

Get the messages sent and respond to calls or emails first up then chill in the midweek, as you apply a cold compress or take a good lie down in Castle Rama

Give time and attention to your loved one as the days begin. Romance your loved one as the weeks begin then change gear to deal with the practical, the detailed and the daily routine. Creativity, recreation or new ventures will get a new lease of life after you move forward on thursdays. Don't just get a plan. If you're looking for credit or a bank loan, there'll be tough negotiations with fiscal people. Take care with financial management as fridays come. There may be gifts or a change of image. You may deal with those in authority. The weekends are good for gatherings and activities with friends. The focus is on home life and practical stuff at the weekend. Donít be testy or impatient. Enjoy a fantasy and private entertainment. Time for some tasty decadence there!. Freshen up your thinking with a dose of the great outdoors.

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