Go for it! On the weekend, talk or activity with friends is frantic

Watch for speeding or parking fines if you're frustrated in traffic and give angry commuters a friendly wave, not the fingers

That's the perfect start but you'll soon be focusing on finance in the midweek. Study or travel may be among them. You may make a new business contact. The weekends narrow the focus back to the people and concerns involved in your working life or daily routine. Break the mood from there and head out for some fun as Friday comes. Enjoy a little loose talk with your loved one. Household or family business will grab your attention on the weekend.

Watch for pressure over health and lifestyle though

Watch health and energy this week, as starting today there will be to call the changes for your inner world and perhaps bring a dose of fatigue or a minor health concern. There may be matters of spending or money to sort. Stay in tune with your loved one as the days unfold and don't forget to give the kind attention or consideration that will ease any recent troubles. You can add something to the fashion stakes or dine at a favourite restaurant, good company included. Friends or groups are in focus from the midweek. Take a quiet weekend with your loved one. You may be surprised by chance encounters or by odd behaviour from others. Watch for the drama of love or money though. You will be looking forward to travel in your plans for the future. Friends or groups will feature as friday comes, bringing unexpected encounters or surprises. Watch spending, especially on lifestyle. Oh well! Cruise along and get it done anyway.

The bills and the bank statement, it's called a budget

Life goes on. Females or the public may feature in negotiations. You won't feel like starting full on. You may wait on important communications. Get extra rest or a little TLC. Focus on cooperation on the weekend. You'll weigh up ideas or strategies as the weeks turn round but wait for the mid-week before you step off the mark. Your loved one is in focus with an interesting weekend. The mood is a bit more sober on the weekends and there'll be business to discuss but you can still find time for some indulgence with your loved one. Making arrangements or keeping up with communications could be a little testing for you or others, so let things go if they're not working out. Few things will go according to plan. Every day brings a new line of communication or new contacts. The end is in sight. The spirit of cooperation will turn into the fires of passion for the weekend. Sunday is for a brunch with friends. There's a boost coming with communications in the New Year.

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