You'll have something to say to one another

Study or travel will be in the frame as the weeks begin

There may be hard-headed dealings in business. You may reflect on plans for the future or important decisions. There may be a dispute over who needs to do what for whom. Work or health matters will generate new routines with thursday's new sunrise. Rein in the spending, making sure that you get value for money on the things that you need. That'll get rid of excess energy. There's the business of money to discuss and a decision or a change of plan is looming. Overseas links may be involved. Get the ball rolling, even if it tests you, then enjoy a shift of mood after the midweek, taking time to catch up with friends or enjoy a favourite interest or activity. Step out and enjoy your companions or a group activity. Put the worries and the stresses aside for a moment as the weekend comes and step out with your loved one for sweet romance or stylish entertainment. If there are arrangements for the home, be sure everyone is on the same page. Someone higher in the food chain will give good fiscal advice.

It's subtlety that make a difference but the subtle approach sometimes eludes you

Business or communications will bring feisty interactions as the days begin. There'll be excitement or strong feelings at home. Enjoy extra rest or secret goatish business. Slow down on thursday and friday. Social or romantic activities may feature. Friends or groups will feature as friday comes, bringing unexpected encounters or surprises. Could be hot! Could be fun! You better be there as you won't want to miss it. Award yourself an easy day. Look after yourself and opt for a quiet celebration as you look forward.

Children or creative projects will feature

You'll be answering calls or keeping appointments first up but these weeks will soon flick the switch that puts you into domestic or family mode. Everything is a little topsy-turvy in the midweek and you might not remember who you're seeing and why or when you're seeing them. Strategies and involvement with others will be on the agenda for review. Enjoy your favourite foods. Simple economics will work best till friday. You'll discuss personal spending or money management. Be careful with extravagance. It's a perfect evening to go in search of a new eatery and exotic company. Home's the word from there, so deal with the household or family stuff, leaving yourself free to play up on the weekends, or just play!.

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