Watch for tension or disagreement with friends or with group activities

Don't be reluctant to stage a drama so you can escape to the next level

With the cheering section from monday, friends, projects and group activities will feature. There may be a dispute over who needs to do what for whom. Don't spend it like its going out of style! Don't overreact, even if there's provocation. If you're holding a gathering, make sure everyone knows what to bring. Don't be half-hearted. These weekends will cloak itself in agendas or secret dealings so make sure you tighten the purse strings and let the chips fall where they may. You may have strong dealings with the public or emotional people. It will.

You'll have plenty of ideas and be ready for a touch of entertainment, but relations at work or in daily routine will require clear and practical attention

Keep the credit card firmly away as the weeks begin. An early night! A late morning! Just enjoy a touch of wicked indulgence. Be prepared to field anything from frustration to fascination. Cook yourself something exotic and have some friends for dinner. Revelations or communications will surprise you or take you aback. If you're dealing with authority, maintain a diplomatic pose. If there've been oddities or upsets with the dollars, these weeks should sort them, especially as you roll past the midweek to Friday as it knocks out an obligation or closes an account. Is that where you want to go? Get your head down and catch up with outstanding work or sort health concerns first up. Focusing on career or professional concerns is an eye opener. Enjoy a favourite culinary treat on friday nights. New options will emerge. Friends will feature. You may have an important meeting or a lucky encounter. There'll be important connections, promotion or even a raise. But there could be changes with image, work, health or people close to you in the weeks ahead. You may dwell on an old matter.

Monday brings a surprise or a revelation as far as money is concerned

Do the things your loved one loves to do as the weeks begin. There's a new group or contact in the course of the coming weeks. You may have to revise estimates of what you can do. Enjoy talk, TLC and a favourite meal! Be organized and economic in the midweek. Don't fight with anyone higher in the food chain on weekends. There's plenty of talk and action. Friends will feature and new options or interests will flourish after friday. You may clash with someone in authority.

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