The weekend brings household or family matters into focus, so get out the big stick,I think it's called a broom, and put all to order

There will be connections or occasions to cause a flourish or bring fired up customers into your purview, as the week begins

Draw in the various or disparate forces and focus your attention on home and family for the coming festivity. Plans for the future will count. You could be out of pocket or someone else may need some help. Take a drive somewhere or just a walk where there's a bit of greenery. Think on your feet. Opt for a cultural or artistic activity that takes you out of your comfort zone. Unwind a little in the midweek and seek the company of friends, especially with the sun rolling into fiery beginnings. There may be new work contacts or circumstances. Assistance or support will come. In the midweek, take time with your loved one to enjoy a slice from the pie of domestic bliss, taking in the pleasures of life at home, as well as catching up with chores. There may be change or an irritating presence with career, dealing with authority or carrying out responsibilities. On the weekends, you'll be fired up for food and fun with your favourite people. There may be an end or a beginning in life with your loved one. Spending or eating are not good ways to deal with how you're feeling. There'll be important connections, promotion or even a raise. Hidden forces will aid or support you.

Work on working a different way as the weekend comes then enjoy a little company on Sunday

Have a culinary adventure with your loved one. As you and your loved one roll towards the start of another week, you'll be moving towards a change of cycle in the style or focus of life. You'll plan for the future or look to a broader horizon to express yourself. Home life will feature these weeks and there may be tensions over money, a sense of responsibility or a bit of 'who's in charge'. You'll want to stick to a budget these weeks but a little splash of cash first up won't hurt. The theatre or a show may appeal. Stick close to the people you love as you celebrate. You may find other people's responses hard to understand. See a bigger picture. You may have to deal with a sharp tongue. Enjoy a hot and heavy midweek. The hard working will get the job done as Friday comes, as long as there's a good diet and a bit of healthy exercise. A sedate afternoon with family and friends will give way to wild celebration or dazzling entertainment on the weekends.

Unburden yourselves then enjoy an adventure in the fresh air on Sunday

There may be matters of spending or money to sort. There may be concerns to discuss with groups or friends. Communications or travel will be in the frame on wednesdays. Relations with overseas folk or academics will be involved. Shift the focus to your loved one with thursday's new sunrise. The weekend's a passion pit. The most important thing is to get the daily stuff right, detailed and put in its place. Family finances or concerns will feature in the change. Something has to go at Friday end of the week. Visitors from overseas may feature. Negotiate the celebrations like a master Machiavelli then unwind with friends for post friday revels on the weekend.

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