That way you can change your situation in the longer term

Turn up the heat on your social life

Finish those last few tasks or duties as the weeks begin then unwind in the company of friends, midweek. You'll have to push to get things done. Enjoy life with your loved one. You can kick back with friends on the weekends. Take time out for home or family business, midweek. A romance may blossom for some. Someone may be upset and need help or advice. Someone may push the erotic button though!

Make a start on all three of those as the week begins, searching out the ideas and the sources that you need

There'll be people around, taking an interest or needing cooperation. Call a fiscal conference for the midweek and get your spending sorted. Secret plans are best. Get busy as friday comes as you'll have appointments, meetings or a raft of communications to handle. You guys might want to do a little redecoration or rearrangement at home. Energy rises, midweek and the Force enters your sign on friday. If you're going to do something that carries a financial risk, talk it through on the weekend. Take it slowly on the weekend. It won't sort out straight away but you can nonetheless relax on the weekends, as you unwind in a sweet romantic tryst with your loved one. Be circumspect. People or situations may work against you for a time.

Keep a weather eye on the purse strings after the midweek

It's a busy start and, mischievously in reverse, you might find that getting the job done, getting the point across or getting from here to there is a trifle harder than you first thought. Social or romantic prospects lift in the midweek, especially from thursday. It's all about communication, midweek. Career or official concerns feature, midweek. You may have a suitor or a rival. Give health some attention. A radical shift in your approach will help. Do you need something extra in your creative or spiritual life? Entertainment calls. Stick to what you can afford. Dramas with love or money may abound so ease the tension with a boudoir ambush.

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