Travel or study may be involved

You'll be in the mood for food and a little luxurious indulgence on the weekend

A night out with friends will start the week but the mood drops away from there. Try spicy food from India or a touch of Thai to tickle your palate. Get the little jobs done. You may deal with an energetic or fiery connection. However, you may have difficulty coordinating activities or desires as the weeks unfolds and you won't have an entirely harmonious approach to money or spending. If there's pressure over money or spending, set it aside and focus on the simple care and concern. Midweek's perfect for dinner with friends or a favourite group activity. Mornings calls for revision as well. Deep discussion will lead to a decision about your involvements. If it seems important one minute, it might not seem that bad the next, so be a little patient. Professional tasks or responsibilities will hit a slough or a reverse as you hit reverse on the weekend. It's a steamy weekend so enjoy!

Mark playtime in your diary for the weekend and go out to play with your loved one

That's the way to start these weeks. There may be a dispute over who needs to do what for whom. Be quick to respond and agile in your dealings but don't let exhilaration make you run a red light or cheat the parking system. You may feel changeable or look for a new way to present yourself. Manage! An outing and a meal with friends will be the ticket in the midweek. Work behind the scenes. Try a culinary adventure in the midweek. Good communications will be the key to get your responsibilities ticking over or career connections buzzing. New work or health practices will contribute. Practice restraint. There may be difficult communications or testy people, all at a distance, on Sunday. Arrangements may not go according to plan. It's a steamy weekend so enjoy!

If there's a grand scheme, is there an effective plan to bring it into being?

Personal relations will feature, especially at a table where you can enjoy your favourite foods. Take your measure from the thoughts and words of the people around you, putting your responses in place to meet a joint or co-operative situation. There may be upset. You may have friction with your loved one. wednesday's sunrise will bring a development or an outburst of emotion with professional dealings. Get sorted then get on with things at your usual speed. Be attentive. If you've been waiting on a payment or a work-related concern over money, the weekends will see things getting sorted. Friday will bring fiery feeling with you and someone close, perhaps a link from the past. Someone may be upset and need help or advice. Stay sweet in the midweek and do the things your loved one loves to do.

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