Avoid any emotional explosions in the immediate vicinity

From there, you'll launch yourself into the world of communications, solve your financial problems and end up by treating your loved one to a fabulous meal at a favourite restaurant

Romantic options may feature. You've taken a bit of a battering in recent weeks but you'll still have plenty to say for yourself as you sort what's gone awry and why. Have a culinary adventure on fridays. Take care of health. Enjoy life with your loved one. You may be waiting on news or someone else's decision. Minor health concerns may trouble. You may forge a new exotic contact. Now's the time to start! Watch for communications hitches or unexpected developments. Family communications may feature. Weekly routines may involve new or unusual people. Itís your time then.

It's a duty weekend, so do it!

Give home the obligatory tidy up and make sure you touch base with family members, organising what everyone is going to do and where they're going to be. Romance your loved one as the weeks begin then change gear to deal with the practical, the detailed and the daily routine. Don't spend it like its going out of style! Get wicked with your loved one. Take a slice from the cake of domestic bliss. Remember, it's a special occasion with the people you love. Be persistent. Look after health. Enjoy companionship at the weekend.

If you have to jump start, do so!

Try a hot bath, a back rub and a bout of boudoir aerobics with your loved one. Make time for your loved one and your lifestyle as the weeks begin. You won't feel like starting full on. Get into the swing of daily routines as the weeks begin, enjoying interesting people or setting new tasks or a new health regime to put a revised day on the calendar. Be romantic and sensitive. Someone close may influence a situation. Take it low and slow with your loved one, midweek. 'Don't buy what you can't afford' is the simple rule. You may be waiting on advice or developments with finance. You may deal with a critical individual. Hidden forces will aid or support you. You may be required to take an energetic role with money. Pay attention. You're buoyant on the weekend. There may be communication problems or delays affecting finance.

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