Midweek and new connections will come, especially where friends or group activities are concerned

Whip the household into order at the start then take time for good cooking and good fun with your loved one

If an old financial problem returns to haunt you, adopt a new strategy. You'll be bound up in the call of duty, responsibilities or professional matters as the weeks begin. Who knows what a Goat gets up to in private? Only you (and at least one other person)! The trouble is you may be bothered by urgent communications or unexpected visitors so you won't be able to hide out as you'd like to. There may be a romantic interest for some. Haste won't. Work or exercise will feature on sunday.

It all goes wobbly after that as Friday gets set to turn tail on the weekend

You or someone close may need to let off steam. There could be a show, a romantic dinner or a favourite recreation with your loved one. Spend everything in the boudoir but be discerning with finance. Get yourself sorted with a good fiscal strategy and make your money work for you. You will have to deal with someone that's exuberant or hard to manage. Get things done. Can you afford it? For the moment, spice up a favourite dish and enjoy a few culinary treats on the weekend. You'll be fired up on the weekendss with activities here, there and everywhere.

Take care with work safety and don't fight with co-workers

It's a busy start but high emotion will dominate the midweek, especially with family or domestic concerns. Get the little jobs done. Good food and a sense of where you are going from here will be the most important things as you start for these weeks. With the cheering from monday, take others into account. Keep your cool no matter which one you're feeling. A chance encounter will bring opportunity. It's a passionate Sunday. Friends will uplift you on the weekends. It's an economical weekend and simple pleasures will be best as you stick to a budget. You'll have appointments to keep or communications to return. On the weekends, you're back in business with appointments or communications.

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