Traffic will be a problem as the week ends, especially if you find mad commuters impatient at the lights or running late for work

Love or money will be at the root of what is wrong or the push for what feels right

Tasty foreign food and a tasty foreign film will be the adventure to start the weeks and break from routine. This is the bit where you get it right finally or mess it up by being hasty or impatient. There may be an important new contact or occasion. Sort problems with scrupulous negotiation! There's a lift in mood, midweek. There'll be testing times or rising temperatures with career or professional matters but, if you're calm and strategic, you'll find a way through in time. However, work or health will be the focus for advances or changes, as you study, make new contacts or earn promotion. Expect a fiery entrance from stage left. Enjoy the alchemy of passion mixed with a favourite fantasy. Develop inner calm as quickly as you can. A magnetic or grasping person may feature.

Monday will send you spiralling into the company of friends where excitement or untoward behaviour will be the centrepiece

After that, the week settles in to a vigorous pattern of the organised system and the right responses. With the cheering from monday, take others into account. Work issues the clarion call, midweek. There'll be plenty to talk about and more options than you realise. You may have to deal with strong or talkative female. Recreation or a new creative project will feature with Wednesdays. If you're looking for change, it'll come from within. Make a new financial start on friday afternoon. There may be something to talk over. Sundays will bring a new start for your loved ones and changes to the household. Be perceptive with decisions and look at the resources you have to throw at what you want. On the weekends, make it intense and passionate with 'you know who'.

You'll have to deal with someone else's excitement over money

There'll be discussion over business or a meeting with an intense associate. You'll be answering calls or keeping appointments first up but these weeks will soon flick the switch that puts you into domestic or family mode. Guests, purchases or gatherings will ornament domestic life or set the pattern for change. Don't just get a plan. You’re up and running, midweek. There's a rising mood, midweek. There may be testy communications about study, travel or legal concerns. Keep things moving and take in that bit of stimulus that sets your juices flowing. All performed without the aid of a safety harness! Take care if you're involved with other athletic activities. Romance, recreation and lifestyle are in the frame. Enjoy luxurious tastes.

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