Take a little time in Bullish Manse on the weekend exploring the possibilities that come through the magic of domestic bliss

Consultation will serve

Be organized, efficient and scrupulous with detail as you get underway this week. Take a little extra care with health as the weeks begin, as the work week could tire you out or leave you feeling drained. Donít be scattered or uncertain. Live the simple life with your loved one at the start. Time out for a favourite indulgence with your loved one will be the perfect cure. There'll be stuff you'll have to do or authorities to deal with. There'll be action on the home front, midweek. Someone will be excited or emotional. Perception is the magic wand that makes things change. On the weekend, there'll be places to go and people to see as you deal with communications. The weekend's busy. You can get into the flow or catch up with outstanding matters.

It's a party or social week though, so you and your loved one can step out or heat up the boudoir as you stay in for a private affair

Monday night's for the bed of passion and any favourite fantasies you enjoy. Get into good routines with food and exercise. You can go forward with money or financial dealings on thursdays. You'll be doing it on the phone, online or face to face as business turns the key and gets into gear. These are complex weeks and things won't go quite the way that you imagine, but all manner of stuff is brewing in the background. Authority, career or responsibility will be in focus. Don't be quick off at the mouth as well or you might burn a few ears. Put on a kettle to welcome the visitors. Put effort into earning, not spending. Your loved one may be feisty but there are ways to deal with that, especially in the horizontal. Slide in to cooperative mode when cooperation is needed for there'll be someone special or unusual is nearby. The weekends will see you at your formal or organizing best. You may clash with someone in authority.

Do the talking, but do the listening as well

Enjoy favourite foods and a little TLC with your loved one as the weeks begin. Do the little jobs. If work or health is involved, be efficient and up to the minute. Get away from it all, midweek. Renew your passion. If an association no longer serves you or your life, issue a dismissal letter and move on, regardless of the cost. You'll finish with a domestic project or cycle as monday comes. Discussion or work with home or family will come in the weeks ahead. So will a new location. Be persistent. It's time for a bold move and friends or groups may assist or show you how it's done with sunday sunset. If you're painting the town red or showing someone a good time, keep a weather eye on the budget.

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