Work or health will seep into the cosmos or consciousness of your week, adding social engagements to the calendar or activities to the daily round

Devices or equipment that power up your home life will need servicing or replacement

There'll be people around, taking an interest or needing cooperation. Do a quick scan of the diary and the unanswered texts or phone calls as the weeks begin. Efficient and on the ball is what's expected of you at the start. Exercise! Eat healthy! Do the things your loved one loves to do, midweek. By the midweek, you'll be ready for a wild night out or for a wild night in. Give in to them. Focus on those close to you and enjoy the weekend. The distant future is not as promising as the immediate thrill. There may be a celebration or a surge of romantic feeling with your loved one at friday's sunset. You may be drained or tired. There'll be stuff you need to catch up with or issues you'll have to put right as far as health is concerned. Contact is the key to this week so take the message and return the call.

Searching out wild flowers or wrestling squirrels for their nuts

It's time for a dose of domestic bliss. There will be a new arrangements or a change in responsibilities. Donít be scattered or uncertain. You may wait on important communications. The midweeks will take off in a whirl of travel and communications. There'll be a lot to do with career and money in the weeks to come. You'll mix with exotic companions or end up in a refreshingly new venue or locale. Enjoy a little secret pleasure. There may be excitement through foreign or qualified people.

Arrangements with friends or groups may not work out or may happen on an impulse

Step up to the mark and get organized. You may be just tired or there may have been a realization or an insight about you and your life. With the cheering section from monday, friends, projects and group activities will feature. Get into the groove with your loved one at the start, doing the things you both enjoy and adding a touch of romance. Simple economics will get you through to saturday. It's the perfect time for dinner with friends. There'll be stubborn or pushy people to deal with, at work or in the general public. If there are tensions to work through, horizontal's the best. On the weekends, work or health is the regime, so you'll need to be attentive and vigorous, especially with the little tasks and fine details. Enjoy the tastes and textures of home life and time with your loved one. On friday, you'll go a round with a fiery individual that likes to lead the way. You'll be fiery on the weekends, but don't tread on any toes. There may be a touchy or energetic individual to deal with.

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