The pleasures of the weekend will be simple and economical

Arrangements won't quite come off or communications may need a little extra work or thought

You may be just tired or there may have been a realization or an insight about you and your life. Dealings with someone close will require careful thought and attention. Keep up with a strenuous diet of responses and don't lose your way. Unleash that magic of yours. For the moment though, you may be thoughtful or reflective. In the midweek, you'll be moody and inclined towards a lustful adventure in the boudoir with your loved one. Fridays see reviews move into reverse. Do it by the book on the weekends. Once again, take a peaceful path and put it all to one side for the moment. A change or revelation at home will bring high excitement.

There'll be ructions or sharp words bouncing around the room at work or in the location of your usual daily doings

Live the simple life with your loved one. It doesn't matter how you're feeling, keep up the image and requisite authority so you can get the job done. Don't forget to buy yourself a present for a good job of being you. With the cheering from monday, take others into account. A feisty male presence may feature in the domicile. You may need to discuss or negotiate the options before you, especially with work. You'll be talkative and looking for your favourite foods. Work or health will feature and it's the details that count. It's a weekend for friends or groups. You could step out for some exotic dining or have a night in with kebabs and the dvd of Casablanca.

Feelings or activities centred around your loved one are in the frame as the week begins

If you’ve been getting a bit lazy of late, make a break with the past and get into good habits with diet and exercise as the week begins. It's a little chaotic or uncertain at the start and confusion or poor communications from others will leave you scratching your head. Work, exercise and the broader view of things will all work in your favour. Don't overreact, even if there's provocation. You'll certainly be doing a balancing act at the moment as you set the needs of your own lifestyle against the wealth of activities with friends or groups. One way or the other, roll through the weeks and keep the focus on that. Simple economics will work best till friday. There'll be something that needs discussion or you'll be considering a purchase to beautify the home. Work or health matters will have been cloying or confusing in recent times and you can lay a few ghosts by breaking with routine or changing your diet as the weekends come. There's excitement with friends or gatherings at sunday's sunset. Things are spring-loaded to change with home life and your loved one. Home or family will bring a surge of excitement or reaction.

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