Hooked On A Feeling

Love Making Secrets and Intimacy Tips for Couples in Love

Keep it simple and get it done. Work, health or daily routine is in focus as the weeks being. You may need to discuss or negotiate the options before you, especially with work. Some ideas may not be able to go ahead as planned. Get down to the nitty-gritty and work closely with others. Cooperation is the key. Friday night's perfect for a romantic interlude. It's a restless weekend but keep the spending in check. Choose an economic way of letting off steam.

Recipe for a great life

Get organized with money and schedules. Put things in order of importance and do them. You'll be hot with your loved one. Romance has a steamy side and you can rediscover it lying down. Don't be surprised if travel or communications go awry, midweek. Your concentration may drift. Be sure to keep attention on important things, like traffic lights and fellow commuters. You may find other people's responses hard to understand. It's a domestic weekend and your loved one has a lot to say. There will be topics to discuss or a new path to pursue. Get set for drama or dramatic changes. There's an erotic charge to the weekend, especially if you're turned on by 'dress ups' or power fantasies. Otherwise, don't fight with anyone higher in the food chain!

Recipe for a great life

Hard-headed negotiations will start the week. Communications or business will bring testing or testy encounters. Keep your head. You can get the deal you want if you just work away at it. Get your home life organized, midweek. Domestic or family matters will need attention. A new venture in business or romance will come. There may be intense activity or an element of risk. Gamble with what you have.
On the weekend, you might find yourself caught up with stubborn or obstructive people as you try to get your duty done
You'll be riding into the midst of social or romantic action as the week begins
There'll be issues or absences that hit friendship or social contacts as the weekend comes
Household or family concerns will bring a sudden shift in mood or situation stirring up the domestic pot
Keep the focus on friends and groups
If you've been driving with the hand brake on for a while, it comes off this weekend
After that, the midweek brings and a touch of a wicked indulgence with your loved one
So just enjoy yourself but be sure to work around any talkative females
There'll be new deals in business or changed relations with siblings or neighbours
Dive deep for the treasures that love or money offer and don't be afraid of a little risk or an in-depth venture
Your luck will be in if you take a risk or lay a bet
Give attention to the family or the domestic round, getting the household in shape
That'll leave you free for close contact on the weekend
Dinner with friends and stimulating talk will be the perfect start to the week
The unexpected will leap out of the woodwork to take you by surprise
The mood is mixed these weeks as social life and romantic activity urges you to enjoy a slice from the cake of domestic bliss
However, the outside world will be knocking at the door, demanding entry or inviting you to step into the streets and participate in full
Slow down on Sunday and take a time for personal health care
Don't lose track of who anybody is, but just float with the mood and see what happens
Urging you to get communications right, examine your methods of self-expression and take the safer option with extreme or vigorous exercise
Don't make a struggle where there's no need to have one
You'll have a new line on communications and travel
Celebrate the weekend with a simple budget but a touch of style
There'll be new deals in business or changed relations with siblings or neighbours
That'll leave you free for close contact on the weekend
It'll be helter-skelter until the midweek when you can settle back into the domicile
An unusual individual or situation will feature
Go a little wild
Go for it! On the weekend, talk or activity with friends is frantic
You'll have something to say to one another
Watch for tension or disagreement with friends or with group activities
The weekend brings household or family matters into focus, so get out the big stick,I think it's called a broom, and put all to order
That way you can change your situation in the longer term
Travel or study may be involved
For the moment though, sweep your loved one off on a romantic adventure at the start
Avoid any emotional explosions in the immediate vicinity
Midweek and new connections will come, especially where friends or group activities are concerned
Traffic will be a problem as the week ends, especially if you find mad commuters impatient at the lights or running late for work
Take a little time in Bullish Manse on the weekend exploring the possibilities that come through the magic of domestic bliss
Work or health will seep into the cosmos or consciousness of your week, adding social engagements to the calendar or activities to the daily round
The pleasures of the weekend will be simple and economical